• Mappillai Samba Soup Mix 50g

Mappillai Samba Soup Mix 50g

In the olden days, prospective bridegrooms have to prove their mettle by lifting up a heavy stone. Such bridegrooms used to take Maapillai samba to increase their body strength. The rice is flattened (aval) and offered to Lord Muruga during the festival of 'Kaarthigai'.

Health Benefits of Red Rice:
  • A good source of zinc and iron more than other coloured rice grains.
  • anthrocyanins are the colour pigments contain anti-oxidants.
  • Contains pro-anthocyanidins.This compound reduce highg cholestrol and hyper glycemia in type- 1 and type -2 diabetes.
  • Consuming red rice may help lower cholestrol.too much cholestrol in our blood can begain to build up in blood vessels. blocking the blood flow and increasing risk of heart attack.
  • Iron in red rice contributes to the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin.Myoglobin and heameglobin deliver oxygen to muscle and tissues keeping ours in high energy level.
  • High in fiber helps to reduce risk of cholestrol cancer.
  • Red rice is gluton free and wheat free,makes it consume for individuals with celiac disease.
  • One serving of red rice contains 200 calories.
  • Red rice contains 48 gram of carbohydrates and dietary fiber are 3 gram.
  • Rich in dietry fiber also promotes a healthy digestive system and lower risk of heart disease and other obesity related conditions.
  • Contains 8% protien in 50grams[recommended].Diets low in fat prevenr--t clogged arteries and aid in weight maintanence.
  • Contains iron,manganese,phosporus,molybdinum,magnesium and zinc.
  • No calcium and sodium.

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Mappillai Samba Soup Mix 50g

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