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  • Vivanion Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad (1Unit x10 Pads)

Vivanion Anion Based All Natural Dioxin-free Bio-degradable Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad (1Unit x10 Pads)

How Vivanion works

The negative ions i.e. Anions from the strip move up the womb through the vagina, improving blood circulation.

This facilitates smooth discharge of blood clots in the vagina and repairing of the womb.

Improvements can be expected in 3-5 days along with reduced inflammation and no odour.

Features of Vivanion Sanitary Napkin

Health - Vivanion's anion powered strip enhances blood circulation, cell vitality, detoxification during periods, bio-enzymes in the vagina , resistance to bacteria and immunity against any infection.

Safety & Comfort - Food grade outer packing and 360 degree inner packaging make it hygienic and safe to use. The multiple layers effectively reduce moisture and wetness between the napkin and skin.

Absorbency - Its absorption capacity is 3 to 5 times more than most of the sanitary napkins in the market making it cost effective compared to others.

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Vivanion Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad (1Unit x10 Pads)

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