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anskrit: Charati

Ayurvedha Name: Sthalapadhma

Tamil: Oridhal thamarai, orithal thamarai, oridhazh thamarai

English: Hybanthus

Telugu: Nilakobari

Malayalam: Orilai thamarai

Hindi: Ratna purush

Orithazh Thamarai is is a perennial herb or small shrub to 60 cm high. Leaves are linear to lance-like, 1-5 cm long, margins recurved to revolute, occasionally flat; stipules acuminate, 1-4 mm long. Pink-purple spade-shaped flowers occur solitary. Sepals 3-4 mm long. Lower petal broad spade-shaped, pink-purple, with deep purple veins. Also called in different names such as spade flower, pink ladies slipper, munbora, Ratan Purush and it comes under the family Violaceae.

Whole plant is used for Medicinal purposes which is dried in shade & powdered.  The teaspoon of this powder is then mixed in milk and taken in the mornings and evenings. This strengthens the body and helps in regaining the lost vitality. 

Thus oridazh thamarai is an excellent Siddha herb that helps one to regain the lost health.

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Orithal Thamarai - Ratna Purush Idly Podi 100gms

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