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Arisi - Seer - Naaru  PLAIN Petti (Palm Leaf)

Arisi - Seer - Naaru PLAIN Petti (Palm Leaf)

Arisi - Seer - Naaru PLAIN Petti (Palm Leaf)

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Arisi - Seer - Naaru  PLAIN Petti (Palm Leaf)

Sizes in Inch: 12*12

Arisi - Seer - Naaru  PLAIN Petti (Palm Leaf) or Seer Petti is Indian traditional Palm Leaf Containers used for storing Rices, Pulses, Palm Jaggery and other Kitchen items in the Kitchen. During Pongal festival, which is meant for Tamils, girls parents would present colorful 'Seer Petti', a box made out of palm leaves filled with rice, sugar, coconut and other grocery essentials. Now the colorful palm leaf boxes are replaced with harmful plastic buckets in this modern world.

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