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Adathodai Vasica Podi 50gm
Adathodai Vasica Podi 50gm
Adathodai Vasica Podi 50gm

Adathodai Vasica Podi 50gm

Adathodai Vasica Podi 50gm

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  • 1. Adhatoda Vasica For Cough in Adults: 

    Adhatoda juice made by grinding the leaves with little bit of water is very effective for treating all cold related problems, especially cough. To make the juice, pound the washed adathoda leaves along with little boiled water and strain to get the juice. The dosage is around 1 tsp of the juice 3 times a day.

    2. Adhatoda Vasica For Removing Phlegm in Adults:

    For treating phlegm, take 6 to 7 leaves of adhatoda and boil it along with a cup of water, once it boils take a small piece of dry ginger, pound and add it to the mixture. Strain, mix it with pure honey and drink for 3 days in the morning. 

    3.  Adhatoda Vasica | Adulsa Cough Syrup For Kids:

    This cough syrup for kids is very very effective and can be given for children from 2 years on wards. To make the syrup, take fresh adhatoda leaves and steam it in idli maker or steamer. Once the leaves are steamed, take the leaves in your hands and crush to get the juice. Take 1/8 tsp of the juice, mix with honey and give it to children to treat phlegm. 
     4. Adhatoda Vasica For Bleeding Gums:

    Fresh adhatoda leaves are very effective in treating bleeding gums. To treat, take the leaves and pound it finely into a paste using mortar and pestle. Take the paste and rub it gently in the gums, this can be done daily till one gets good relief.

    5. Adhatoda Vasica For Indigestion:

    Adhatoda is also very good in treating indigestion and flatulence. To treat, collect the fresh juice of adhatoda by pounding it in mortar and pestle along with little boiled water and strain. Mix 2 tsp of the juice with 1/2 tsp of fresh ginger juice and take, this will give good relief. You can take it twice a day, both morning and evening. This mixture also improves appetite.

    6. Adhatoda Vasica For Excessive Bleeding:

    For women who experience excessive bleeding during menstruation adhatoda will give good relief. To treat, take 5 to 6 leaves and pound to get the fresh juice like mentioned above and take it both morning and evening. Adhatoda extract can also be effectively used for treating all kinds of bleeding.

    7. Adhatoda Vasica  For Skin Diseases:

     Adhatoda is excellent for treating all skin related diseases. Adhatoda is cooling in nature and it's juice can be used as a poultice for treating all kinds of skin diseases as it is very soothing. To use, pound the leaves into a fine paste and apply as a poultice over the affected area.

    8. Adhatoda Vasica For Hemorrhoids:

    Adhatoda's leaf juice is very effective for treating bleeding piles too. One teaspoon of the fresh juice taken twice a day will greatly help. You can also buy it in pill form and take it according to the instructions given.

    9. Adhatoda Vasica For Inflammation:

    Adhatoda has got anti inflammatory properties and it can be used as an external poultice for treating all the inflammations. For rheumatic pain, inflamed joints, bleeding wounds, adhatoda can be applied as a poultice.

    10. Adhatoda Vasica For Asthma:

    Like datura, adhatoda leaves smoke is used for treating asthma. The leaves when dried and smoked gives good relief for asthma patients. But don't try this remedy if you are allergic to smoke..

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