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Wholesale Suppliers of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt | Pachaa Traders

Himalayan Pink Rock salt is the natural, purest, unprocessed and pollutant free salt available. It contains 84 minerals and elements that are essential for our health. It balances body’s pH level, boosts energy level, stabilizes blood pressure and improves hydration. While choosing edible salt, you should be careful in your selection as table salt might prove to be harmful for your body. On the other hand, Himalayan Pink Rock salt does not contain any environmental pollutants or anti-caking agents.

Providing pure and quality products is the hallmark of Pachaa Traders. Himalayan Edible Salt, also known as table salts, are essential for a balanced diet. Himalayan Salt is said to be the purest form of salt, found naturally in the Himalayan Mountain. It is excavated from the Khewra Salt Mine, Jhelum Punjab; which is the second biggest salt mine in the world.

The Himalayan Pink RockSalt is 100% pure, hand-mined Rocksalt found naturally, deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains. Crystallized over 250 million years ago due to high pressure and temperature, the sea beds were covered by lava, protecting the salt from modern-day pollution, and lending to the belief that Himalayan Pink salt is the purest Rocksalt to be found on earth.

Our naturally excavated salt is the only reliable product that meets the standard of a quality mined Rocksalt; being free of any pollutants and impurities, it is the safest choice for cooking, bread-making and other eatable products.

Himalayan Pink RockSalt is another time-tested product of Pachaa Traders; it is rich in minerals and has several therapeutic characteristics. Not only is it used for adding flavor to the food, but it is also very helpful in maintaining good health.  For instance, sodium and chloride-that are present in Himalayan Pink Salt- stabilize the blood-circulation and maintains the blood pressure. The colour of the salt is completely free of any impurity; its pink colour is due to the presence of rich minerals such as iron and potassium.

To ensure the health safety of your community, we strongly recommend you to use Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.