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Nice Peanut Candy Bar (வேர்க்கடலை நைஸ் பார்) 100g

Nice Peanut Candy Bar (வேர்க்கடலை நைஸ் பார்) 100g

Nice Peanut Candy Bar (வேர்க்கடலை நைஸ் பார்) 100g

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Nice Peanut Candy Bar (வேர்க்கடலை நைஸ் பார்) 100g

Introducing our Nice Peanut Candy Bar, a delectable treat that will satisfy your cravings with every bite. Our Nice Peanut Candy Bar is crafted with care using high-quality ingredients. We start with premium peanuts, which are roasted to perfection, then crushed finely, providing a rich and nutty flavor. The natural sweetness of jaggery adds a delightful caramel-like taste, while the aromatic cardamom and invigorating dry ginger create a harmonious blend of spices.Indulge in the irresistible combination of flavors and textures as you bite into our Nice Peanut Candy Bar. Experience the satisfying crunch of peanuts, followed by the smoothness of jaggery and the lingering warmth of cardamom and dry ginger. Whether you need a quick energy boost on the go or a delightful treat to enjoy during your leisure time, our Nice Peanut Candy Bar is the perfect choice. It's a delicious fusion of taste and quality, crafted to bring you moments of pure enjoyment.Treat yourself to the delightful flavors of our Nice Peanut Candy Bar today. Order your 100g pack and experience the goodness of peanuts, jaggery, cardamom, and dry ginger in every mouthwatering bite.

Ingredients - Peanut, Jaggery, Dry ginger, Cardamon (No Added Preservatives)

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