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Nalpamaram Hand Made Soap 100gm (நால்பாமராதி சோப்பு)

Nalpamaram Hand Made Soap 100gm (நால்பாமராதி சோப்பு)

Nalpamaram Hand Made Soap 100gm (நால்பாமராதி சோப்பு)

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Nalpamaram is a group of four trees, ATHTHI (Indian Fig Tree (Gular) Fig), ETHI (Mesquite tree), ARAYAL (bodhi tree / ashwattha tree) and PERAL (Banyan Tree). It is widely used for many skin diseases, especially among children. It’s believed that Nalpamaram gives immunization power.

Nalpamaram is very good for wrinkle free skin. It is a natural skin illuminator and detaining which lighten complexion as well as soften and repair skin. Its antioxidant action prevents pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and marks

We deal with best quality of Nalpamaram Soap and we offer them to our clients. Our Soaps made from 100% Coconut Oil and Essential Oils, 20% Natural Nalpamaram Powder Added For Filler. And there are no Artificial Colors

  • Lasts longer than regular soaps.
  • Acera soap covers or Pakku mattai cover

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