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Mapillai Samba Kaikuthal Arisi Red Rice

Mapillai Samba Kaikuthal Arisi Red Rice

Mapillai Samba Kaikuthal Arisi Red Rice

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Mapillai Samba 1Kg Kaikuthal Arisi Red Rice 

Health Benefits of Red Rice:

  • A good source of zinc and iron more than other coloured rice grains.
  • anthrocyanins are the colour pigments contain anti-oxidants.
  • Contains pro-anthocyanidins.This compound reduce highg cholestrol and hyper glycemia in type- 1 and type -2 diabetes.
  • Consuming red rice may help lower cholestrol.too much cholestrol in our blood can begain to build up in blood vessels. blocking the blood flow and increasing risk of heart attack.
  • Iron in red rice contributes to the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin.Myoglobin and heameglobin deliver oxygen to muscle and tissues keeping ours in high energy level.
  • High in fiber helps to reduce risk of cholestrol cancer.
  • Red rice is gluton free and wheat free,makes it consume for individuals with celiac disease.
  • One serving of red rice contains 200 calories.
  • Red rice contains 48 gram of carbohydrates and dietary fiber are 3 gram.
  • Rich in dietry fiber also promotes a healthy digestive system and lower risk of heart disease and other obesity related conditions.
  • Contains 8% protien in 50grams[recommended].Diets low in fat prevenr--t clogged arteries and aid in weight maintanence.
  • Contains iron,manganese,phosporus,molybdinum,magnesium and zinc.
  • No calcium and sodium.

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