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Organic Seeraga Samba Rice raw

Organic Seeraga Samba Rice raw

Organic Seeraga Samba Rice raw

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Organic Seeraga Samba / Chittimuthyalu 1Kg Raw Rice

This is also called as Chittimuthyalu Rice is Telugu. A very tiny grained aromatic rice grown in the Indian province and preferred for making Biriyani.

An alternative rice to Basmati especially in southern India, it is named after Seera (Jeera,Cumin, kala jeera) because the tiny grains are thought to resemble cumin seed.

They were typically 0.180 inch long and 0.085 inch wide (4.6 x 2.0 mm).

A traditional variety crop ideal for Biriyani and other fried dishes, it gives a great flavour while cooked.

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