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Orithal Thamarai Powder 50gm

Orithal Thamarai Powder 50gm

Orithal Thamarai Powder 50gm

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Orithal Thamarai | Hybanthus | Nilakobari | Ratna purush | Vetra Hybanthus Enneaspermus Powder 50gm

Orithal Thamarai it is a well known herb in Tamil Nadu known for its amazing ability to enhance testosterone in men. Thamarai in Tamil means lotus and orithal in Tamil means single sheet, which means together single leafed lotus. Although it is called Thamarai, this beautiful flower is opposed to our regular lotus in size, it is very small and fragile. this plant that grows throughout Tamil Nadu is. If you are looking for this plant try searching in the mornings as the flowers fall afternoon, as they are very delicate. We have a small river flowing in the back of the farm and since the rainy season has started, we can find a lot of herbs today and especially orithal thamari is plenty. The botanical name of orithal Thamarai | orithazh Thamarai is Ionidium suffruticosum | Hybanthus Enneaspermus. Thamarai Orithal flower Spade is called in English, Ratan Purush in Hindi, Bengali Nunbora, Orilai Thamarai in Malayalam and Telugu Ratanpurusha. All parts of the plant are used as medicine, although it is very famous for its ability to enhance testosterone levels in men, which is another wonderful medicinal uses as well.

Here are some of the medicinal uses of orithal Thamarai:

1. Orithal Thamarai for men: Orithal has been shown to increase testosterone in men and also has aphrodisiac properties.

2. orithal Thamarai lipid-lowering activity :. orithal Thamarai has properties to reduce cholesterol, regular consumption of orithal Thamarai will result in lowering cholesterol significantly. 

3. Orithal Thamarai and antioxidant activity Anti Diabetics: Orithal Thamarai has incredible anti oxidant properties which helps reduce oxidative stress very effectively. It also reduces the levels of blood sugar.

4. Orithal Thamarai to treat anemia : Another important use of Thamarai orithal is its amazing ability to treat anemia as orithal Thamarai extract has high amounts of iron.

5. To Orithal Thamarai Reducing Body Heat : The decoction of the plant is used to reduce body heat, this use is very famous and is followed on both sides people. The extract also has anti-allergic properties and reduce pain.

Side effects: Diabetic patients should be careful when taking both orithal choornam Thamarai and diabetes medications as it could decrease the levels of blood sugar too low. The plant showed toxicity greater than 2000 mg per kg so no overdosing on this plant dose. Pregnant women should definitely not consume this herb as it will lead to miscarriage ……

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