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Kalanamak Red Rice (காலா நமக் அரிசி)

Kalanamak Red Rice (காலா நமக் அரிசி)

Kalanamak Red Rice (காலா நமக் அரிசி)

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Kalanamak Red Rice 1Kg (காலா நமக் அரிசி)

Kalanamak is one of the finest quality scented rices of India. It derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt). This variety has been in cultivation since the Buddhist period (600 BC). It is quite popular in Himalayan Tarai of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India, and is also known as the scented black pearl of Uttar Pradesh. It was also featured in the book 'Speciality rices of the world' by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

These days, however, acreage under this variety declined sharply, forcing it to near extinction, for various reasons, some of which are

  • outburst of Panicle blast epidemics during two consecutive years: 1998 and 1999
  • tall stature of the crop causing lodging
    Grains of Kalanamak rice
  • long duration of harvest (6 to 7 months)
  • non-availability of quality seeds and research support

Kalanamak rice is rich in micro-nutrients such as Iron and Zinc. Therefore, having this rice is said to prevent diseases borne out of Iron and Zinc deficiencies. It is said that regular intake of Kalanamak rice can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Government of India came out with Nutri-Farm scheme in 2013, with the aim to promote food crops that have critical micro nutrients to fight malnutrition and improve nutrition status of the vulnerable section of society. Kalanamak rice was one of the nutri-crop selected for this scheme.

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