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Kaattuyanam Rice

Kaattuyanam Rice

Kaattuyanam Rice

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Kaattu Yanam Rice 1Kg

Traditional Kattuyanam Rice, this is one of the variety of rice cultivated in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. Kattuyanam is one among the traditional rice varieties.Kattuyanam, this traditional rice variety help peoples to control diabetics, usually people used to consume kasayam made out of this rice bran but still you can also make idlies,dosas out of this incredible grain.Its seems there are more than five thousand varieties of rice was available in Tamilnadu. But currently we are able to save nearly 200 varieties, each rice variety is unique in their own way. Some varieties of rice grow even without water, some can stand flood and some can stand heavy winsds. Somehow high nutritional value rich traditional rice varieties started loosing their existence slowly when peoples started consuming the usual raw rice. Thank god, now Organic farmers are there to bring more traditional rice varieties for the benefit of us.

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