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Navara Rice

Navara Rice

Navara Rice

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Traditional Navara rice 1Kg is one of the many types of rice found in India, and is a unique grain plant in the Oryza group. Its origin is said[who?] to be somewhere in Kerala, where it is regarded as endemic. In 2007-09, Geographical Indication status was granted. (Typically, such classification indicates an assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is primarily derived from a defined geographical region.)

There seems to have been about a hundred varieties of rice but only about 20 types are said to be existing. Navara is one of the 20.

The rice is often powdered and then mixed with milk and taken in the form of a cereal.

Navara also has religious significance and is sometimes used in temples for ceremonies.

Navara Rice is said to be like Gold among the rice varieties having a rich aroma and precious grains carrying a lot of medicinal properties. Grown mostly in the southern parts of India, it is revered for its unqiue medicinal properties.

Navara is unique rice suited for people of all ages and is a source of general wellness. Its medicinal properties help to build immunity against common ailments especially in the monsoon season

Health Benefits Of Navara:

Navara has been used in Ayurvedic practices and as a medicine for centuries. The rice has wide range of benefits.

Weaning Food For Infants: Boiled Navara is good weaning food for infants with low weight.

For Pregnant Women: Broth Of Navara is recommended to pregnant woman as it increases the weight of the fetus.

Healing Internal Wounds: When cooked with milk & herbs, Navara rice is known to effectively treat internal wounds.

Psoriasis & Skin Lesions: Ayurvedic doctors effectively use Navara rice paste to treat psoriasis and skin lesions.

Prevent Diseases: Navara rice gruel is said to help prevent various diseases including diabetes & cancer.

How To Use – A Simple, Easy To Make Receipe Of “Navara Rice Kheer”

Ingredients: Navara Rice – 100gm, Jaggery – 250gm, Cardamom Powder- 1tsp, Coconut Milk -350 ml (first press 50 ml, second press 300 ml).
Procedure: Boil one liter of water, add rice to it and keep cooking till rice is soft and smooth. Add second press coconut milk and stir continuously. Dissolve jaggery in 100 ml water and strain. While the rice is being cooked, add liquid jaggery, and cardamom powder. Add the first milk and boil for a minute.

You can garnish it with almonds and cashews

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