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Black Horse Gram Karuppu Kaanam Kollu (கருப்பு கொள்ளு)

Black Horse Gram Karuppu Kaanam Kollu (கருப்பு கொள்ளு)

Black Horse Gram Karuppu Kaanam Kollu (கருப்பு கொள்ளு)

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Black Horse Gram Karuppu Kaanam Kollu (கருப்பு கொள்ளு) 500gms

Horse gram or Kulthi (Botanical name - Macrotyloma uniflorum ) is widely consumed in South India. These lesser known beans are used in curries and soups. Texts of ayurveda refer these beans as Kulatthika or Kulattha. The soup of these beans is used in diet, after panchakarma treatment.

According to principles of ayurveda Kulthi or horse gram is hot in potency and tastes pungent. It is light to digest, increases pitta and Rakta (blood).

These beans are rich in nutrients. They contain plenty of calcium, phosphorous, iron and protein. By virtue of its nutrients and ayurvedic natural properties, the horse gram is considered to be beneficial to human and animal health.

Health Benefits of Horse Gram or Kulthi

Common Cold and fever: Ayurveda acharyas recommend soup of horse gram in common cold, fever, bronchitis and asthma. It relieves congestion and makes breathing easy. It supplies required nutrients to boost body immunity in fever and common cold

Digestion: It reduces flatulence and reduces indigestion. It also helps to eradicate intestinal parasites.

Weight Loss: Horse gram is known to reduce medha dhatu (body fat) and kapha which are root causes for obesity. The nutritional contents of these beans, like very little carbohydrate, more protein and fiber, contribute to weight loss.

Diabetes: New researches have shown the beneficial effects of horse gram in diabetes. Regular consumption of these beans helps to reduce blood glucose level.

Low sperm Count: Horse gram is of great help for men who suffer from low sperm count. The nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, and amino acids which are present in horse gram promote sperm production. According to principles of ayurveda horse gram liquefies semen and removes impurities from it.

Menstrual Disturbances: Women who suffer from scanty bleeding or irregular menstrual cycle are benefited by this pulse. The iron content of this bean helps to boost haemoglobin which is lost from menstrual cycles.

Constipation: The fiber content of horse gram helps to relieve constipation and ease bowel movement.

Kidney stones: Regular consumption of cooked horse gram helps to expel small kidney stones. Scientific studies have shown that horse gram inhibits formation of calcium oxalate stones in kidneys.

How to use Horse gram: Horse gram has to be soaked overnight and the water has to be discarded. These soaked beans have to be pressure cooked next day to use in curries and soups. Sprouted horse gram is more beneficial than soaked ones because sprouting reduces unhealthy phytochemicals and increases nutrition value.

Who should not use horse gram: Pregnant women, persons who are recovering from tuberculosis, people who are willing to gain weight should not use horse gram

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